10 questions for the Evoque owner

Don't trust reviewers? Hear it from the owner of a Range Rover Evoque

1) Why an Evoque?
You know the time when you see something through a display window and then you said to yourself, “I have to have it?” That happened with the Range Rover Evoque. Just look at it…four years on after the first reveal and it still looks like a blooming concept car, though a really common one these days. So when I had the chance, I pounced. I admit I’m a bit shallow, form to me must precede function.

2) What feelings does the Evoque evoke (pun wholly intended) when you’re seated behind the steering wheel?
Photo Apr 15, 2 14 25 PM_editedIt’s special. Nothing wrong with SUVs from BMW or Audi, but get into an Evoque and you will immediately feel more stately. The generous swaths of leather, real wood and aluminium make it a lovely interior to be, yet the cabin is pretty functional too. Perhaps the good folks at Whitley should permanently engage Mrs. Beckham’s help.

3) Has anything broke? It is a Land Rover after all
An ABS sensor failed at about 25,000 km and the brake pads needed replacing at about the same time too. The ABS sensor failure was a bit scary. Think dominos. The sensor failed, then the car went to limp home mode, and then the power steering went offline. All in relatively quick succession. The car was diagnosed and repaired under warranty. No harm, no foul. The brake pads wore off pretty quickly, and those weren’t under warranty, and the cost of replacing all the pads came up to about RM1,600. For a luxury brand, it’s not unreasonably pricey.Photo Apr 15, 2 18 24 PM_edited

4) Have you ever gone like really off-road? Potholes on Jalan Maarof don’t count…
Are you kidding? Have you driven around Bangsar lately? The roads are terrible! No off-roading for me, only perhaps mild excursions on some fire roads, nothing that would test the 4WD system of the Evoque. Knowing I can go off road when I need to on the other hand, is priceless, if I can believe what reviewers say.

5) Do people check you or the car out when you park and alight?
Remember when I said the Evoque is common? Well, it seems as though every Evoque sold to Malaysians end up in Bangsar where I spend most of my days. My wife says the car is common as hell, and I have to agree. Take it outside this area and yes, you do get head turns.

Photo Apr 13, 3 58 26 PM_edited

6) Surely there’s something you don’t like about the Evoque?
The football field sized blind spot caused by the driver’s side wing mirror. Turning right is a leap of faith, and you’ve got to remember what kerbs can do to 20-inch rims . If I am allowed to state one more dislike, I’d have to say that the electric boot function has a usability flaw. It’s easy to open it unintentionally via a button that is positioned precariously close to your right knee, but you cannot close it without getting out of the car and pressing another button located on the boot. No need to mention the embarrassment when you are required to right the mistake.

Photo Apr 13, 3 45 58 PM
Chunky A-pillar and wing mirror can hide a T-Rex

7) Did the Evoque make a hole in your wallet in the last visit to the service centre?
So far, I think the cost of maintaining the Evoque is reasonable. Engine oil and filter change is about RM680, including labour. The front and rear brake pads were also replaced for RM1,900.

8) You must like the scent of sulfur, why diesel?
I chose the diesel because I love the torque, and diesels have better mileage. Yes, I get the torque, but I was completely wrong about the economy. City driving gets me no more than 450km for a full tank, which is 57 litres. This is not any better than my previous cars and definitely not what I expected.

9) Would you buy one again, or introduce it to your best enemy?Photo Apr 13, 3 45 58 PM-edited
I would buy another Evoque, but I’d probably choose the petrol version the next time round, and I won’t recommend the Evoque to my best enemy, though I’d send them a certain German made dual-clutched hatchback for that…shhh….

10) If the Evoque were a celebrity, who would he/she be?
Tony Stark. No, seriously. He could have so fictitiously have designed the Evoque. Real life celebrity? I’d have to say…Robert Downey Jnr. The man’s man. Smart, funny, intelligent but almost always camp.

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