Shootout: Harris vs Bovingdon

Missing Clarkson and Co? Let Harris and Bovingdon fill the void

The champions of countersteer: Chris Harris (left) and Jethro Bovingdon

Until Clarkson, May and Hammond let the cat out of the bag of their rumoured new venture and return to television, the demise of Top Gear will be debated for years to come. While we mourn the passing of what was the most entertaining car-related show ever existed on this planet, there is no lack of talent and content to fill the void.

Take for instance Chris Harris. Not only is this man fun to watch, he can actually drive. Having started out at Autocar UK (the world’s oldest car magazine) and moving on to various digital platforms thereafter, Harris might have finally unlocked the secret formula (and we hope sincerely that he has) to a captive audience via YouTube, while indulging in his passion for hooning super cars on a regular basis. Together with his videographer Neil Carey, they make sumptuous, compelling car videos no enthusiast can afford to miss. Check out his latest review on the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS:

Sharing Mr. Harris’ unique skill of being able to articulate cars while pulling skids (balletic drifts in other words) is his “mate” Jethro Bovington, currently the Contributing Editor of EVO UK. Complemented so ably by EVO’s video crew, Bovingdon’s effortless, almost languid delivery is the perfect counterpoint against Harris’ infectious energy, and boy, can both of them hold a drift. Watch Bovingdon’s review on the Porsche 911 Turbo S:

So who do you think is the “better” host? Maybe it might not even matter because both are proof that you don’t need to blow up cars or resort to slapstick banter in order to entertain people who likes cars.