Lexus LX570: Imperious land crusher

If Darth Vader had a 4x4, it would have been the Lexus LX570.

lexus_lx570_1Below is a statement quoted verbatim from Lexus Malaysia’s recent LX570 press release.

With market feedback in Malaysia indicating that large SUVs are now also appreciated, Lexus Malaysia is introducing the LX line and the version imported from Japan is the very latest LX 570 which was officially launched in the USA in August 2015.

It’s curious how Lexus Malaysia worded the justification for introducing the Lexus LX570, as if they had only recently come to a conclusion that Malaysian “appreciated” these ladder-frame luxurious behemoths, whereas classified ads and frequent sightings of these parallel imported SUVs (particularly in East Malaysia) provide ample evidence that such a demand had existed for years, if not decades.

So, why now?


Cheap oil may account for some of the logic…but then again, anyone who makes a conscious decision to purchase a 2,740kg 8-seater SUV powered by a 362hp/530Nm 5.7-litre V8 shouldn’t be too perturbed with fuel economy. If you must know, the LX570 is rated at 6.9km/l on the combined cycle, but that’s the claimed, best-case-scenario, no-hope-in-real-life figure. The well-heeled individual (and he/she needs to be) must also be ready to part ways with RM923,931.60 (price including GST but without insurance) for the LX – an eye-watering price no doubt, but not quite the most expensive Lexus in Malaysia, that honour belonging to the LS 600h L hybrid limo at over RM1 million.

Infiniti QX80 now has the LX570 for company.

Or could the Lexus LX570 be a response to the Infiniti QX80 that went on sale in Malaysia early this year; a proxy war of sorts between the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Nissan Patrol being played out by their luxury off-shoots. But the time it took the LX570 to find its way to Malaysia, the Ringgit had devalued, making the similarly capable, but slightly larger and more powerful 405hp/560Nm 5.6-litre V8 powered QX80 much better value against the Lexus, even if the Infiniti is priced at a not insubstantial RM797,837.39 – a RM125,000 saving!

Who’s buying the Lexus LX570?

lexus_lx570_3The newly redesigned exterior portrays ‘powerfulness’, evoking the excellent driving performance of full-fledged SUV while also expressing the luxurious feel, advancement and urban sophistication as a flagship SUV model. With its large body, there’s much more opportunity for the designers to be more expressive and adopting the theme of ‘Muscular Premium’, they have given the LX 570 a bolder rendition of the signature spindle grille.

Right, and credit should be given to Lexus Malaysia for the speedy introduction of the newly upgraded third-generation LX570 that comes with sharper, heavily revised exterior styling, LED-everything lighting equipment, a new 8-speed automatic transmission connected to a full-time 4WD system with a Torsen centre diff, the characteristics of which can now be tailored with six different powertrain Drive Modes.


Like the exterior, the updated interior is more in-tuned with the latest Lexus models, so you’ll get a jet fighter-derived (their words) colour heads-up display, a ginormous 12.3-inch centre screen, 19-speaker Mark Levinson entertainment system and the latest iteration of the Remote Touch controller, along with lots of plush cow hide, real wood veneers, chrome, whirring electric motors and other over-indulgent trappings befitting a vehicle of this stature.


So for timber tycoons and billionaire property developers who’d only consider the latest and greatest 4x4s (before parallel importers get their hands on it), the new Lexus LX570 is probably the only luxurious vehicle in their fleets that won’t get bogged down on a site visit while maintaining an imperious road presence Darth Vader would most likely approve of. That they can have it now with official factory warranty (3-year/100,000km) is but a little icing on the cake. Thing is, would you have this over a Range Rover Vogue?

Lexus LX570
Price: RM923,931.60 (w/o insurance)
Engine: 5.7-litre, V8 petrol, Full-time 4WD
Output: 362hp @ 5,600rpm, 530Nm @ 3,200rpm
Transmission: 8-sp automatic
Performance: 0-100km/h in 7.7 seconds, top speed 210km/h
Fuel efficiency: 6.9km/l (combined cycle)
Wheels/tyres: 21in alloys, 275/50 R21
Safety: 10-airbags, Electronic Stability Control
Warranty: 3-year or 100,000km w/ 5-year maintenance package