New Generation 6 tires from Continental

Continental Tires introduces all-new UltraContact UC6 and ComfortContact CC6 developed specifically for Asia Pacific drivers.

conti_gen6_14To underscore Continental Tires’ mission to offer products specifically tailored to meet and exceed the needs of drivers in the Asia Pacific region, the leading German tire manufacturer recently unveiled two new tires under the Generation 6 range – the UltraContact UC6 and ComfortContact CC6. Both tires also adhere to Continental’s guiding principle of ‘in the market, for the market’ and they will be produced in factories within the Asia Pacific region, with strict compliance to Continental’s global standards.

Developed for APAC: The new Continental Generation 6 tires were launched in the city of Zhejiang, China.

“We see the APAC region demonstrating huge potential and becoming a key driver of Continental’s future growth. Featuring cutting-edge German technology, the launch of Generation 6 products is a technology milestone for us in the APAC region, taking Continental Tires a step closer to our ‘Vision 2025’,” said Nikolai Setzer, Member of the Executive Board and Head of the Tires Division.

Mid-tier UltraContact UC6 expands the range of tire offerings from Continental.

Continental UltraContact UC6: New mid-range choice for the region

The UltraContact 6, or UC6, is an all-new addition to the Continental range, it’s positioned above the ComfortContact series and caters to various C- and D-segments models such as the Honda Civic, Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3 sedan, Toyota Corolla Altis and Camry.

The UltraContact UC6 offers ‘superior ride, wet weather safety and overall performance’.

As a mid-range tire catering to a mainstream audience, the UltraContact UC6 is aimed at enhancing the driving experience across all parameters through superior ride and overall performance, and it does so while maintaining a high level of safety under wet conditions, a common occurrence in tropical weather.

Continental’s Aqua Drainage tread design is applied to the UC6 to good effect, as evidence in the shorter braking distance observed in the wet braking test conducted against a control tire.

This is achieved via a re-invention of the tread design by adding Aqua Drainage to improve grip on wet roads and reduce aquaplaning. In addition, the Diamond Edge Pattern of the UltraContact UC6 prevents the “rolling-in” effect of the pattern blocks for shorter braking distances. The chamfered angle also works more effectively to wipe the water film away on wet roads, ensuring short braking distances even under wet conditions.

Diamond Edge Pattern of the UltraContact UC6 prevents “rolling-in” effect for a more consistent contact patch.

Complementing the superior performance in the wet is high grip levels during braking and cornering, with provisions for long mileage endurance, this is achieved through the Diamond Blend Compound comprising short-chained grip-polymers and long-chained mileage-polymers, working in tandem with Noise Breakers 2.0 technology to cut noise waves within the tire grooves.

The performance parameters of the new Continental tires laid out on this chart.

Continental ComfortContact CC6: Champion of comfort and refinement

The ComfortContact series is a well-established choice among OEMs and consumers alike. In the new ComfortContact CC6, Continental is looking to further strengthen its presence in this competitive segment by offering advanced technologies in an entry-level tire excelling in comfort and refinement.

ComfortContact CC6 further elevates the CC5’s ride comfort and refinement, this was observed in side-by-side comparison of the two tires fitted to identical test vehicles.

The all-new, cutting-edge tread pattern showcases Harmonic Comfort Chambers that are positioned on the inner shoulder of the tire pattern. This technology is based on the “Helmholtz resonator” principle and it cancels out unpleasant noise frequencies.

The groovy grooves of the CC6 are actually Harmonic Comfort Chambers that cancels out undesired frequencies.

The “Whisper Compound” of the ComfortContact CC6 also features polymers that adapt and absorb the rough surface of the road, resulting in the reduction of vibration for lower noise and improved rolling comfort. Furthermore, an advanced sulphur network resides within the ComfortContact CC6’s tire compound to act as an enhanced bond for the polymer to ensure greater efficiency in mileage performance.


Dedicated test structures were used to show off the noise properties (or lack of) of Continental’s latest rubber.

(Note: the UltraContact CC6 will be available in sizes ranging from 16-inch to 17-inch in diameter while the ComfortContact CC6 covers 15-inch to 16-inch wheels. Both tires will be available locally beginning in October, 2016)