The biggest problem with the new Toyota RAV4 isn’t its price

The question nobody is asking about the new Toyota RAV4: is it pretty enough?

Why I’m not hating the BMW upright kidneys

BMW reinventing the shape of the front grille isn't without precedence, but is this a Bangle moment?

The self-driving prophecies of Elon Musk

If Elon Musk's bold claims come true, the future is both scary and exhilarating.

GE14: Between a rock and a hard place

Choosing to start a 'new Proton' shouldn't be an option on the ballot.

Why Mercedes-Benz has got your back

“At the end of the day, every electric car is only as sustainable as the electric it uses.”

Defending the indefensible, Pt. 2

The last thing Volkswagen needs is another glowing review.

BMW Malaysia & PHEV: Fortune favours the bold?

Volvo to start phasing out ICE models in 2019, BMW is already halfway there in Malaysia.

Honda Malaysia reboots the hybrid

Are you ready to choose a hybrid based on merits, or stick with the trusty petrol-powered one?

Volvo design: Pushing the right buttons?

Are we ready to say goodbye to buttons and knobs?

Remember Volkswagen?

Politics should not be allowed to get in the way of a Proton deal again.

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