What would it take to kick-start Volkswagen again

Mindsets have to change if Volkswagen is to shine once more in Malaysia.

When hype and reality collide

My review of the Porsche Macan was nearly a year ago. You can sense the reservations I felt at the time towards the Porsche. It...

BMW Malaysia & PHEV: Fortune favours the bold?

Volvo to start phasing out ICE models in 2019, BMW is already halfway there in Malaysia.

Signs of life at Proton

Any event that ends with Bill Withers’ Lovely Day can’t be all bad. Proton launches fourth model in five months.

Porsche’s fixation with Nurburgring knows no bounds

The one thing that you didn’t need to know about the new 718 Boxster.

Is the new Civic a ‘game changer’?

If you’ve somehow just woken up from a six-month hibernation, Honda Malaysia has been busy readying itself for the launch of the tenth generation...

Volvo design: Pushing the right buttons?

Are we ready to say goodbye to buttons and knobs?

Securing your child’s life

Woke up this morning and came across the news of another fatal road accident involving a baby, the tragic end seemingly not unlike the much publicised case...

Ambassadorship done right

I’ve never been a fan of David Coulthard. Not after that rain-soaked race at Spa in 1998 when Michael Schumacher drove his Ferrari into...

Last kopek!

When I was 4 years old, I tried to ‘drive’ my mother’s Volkswagen Beetle. I got as far as starting it before our eagle-eyed...

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