Culture maketh the brand

Does your car’s country of origin matter? There’s a direct relationship between national car brands and what people think of a country and vice-versa,...

Defending the indefensible, Pt. 2

The last thing Volkswagen needs is another glowing review.

Why did Volkswagen cheat?

I have to say that it’s gripping stuff watching the Volkswagen diesel scandal unfold in the last few days. The CEO has called time...

The why and what of Countersteer

If you love driving, you’d remember the day when you earned your license. In my case, it wasn't a special day by any stretch of the imagination. I...

When hype and reality collide

My review of the Porsche Macan was nearly a year ago. You can sense the reservations I felt at the time towards the Porsche. It...

What would it take to kick-start Volkswagen again

Mindsets have to change if Volkswagen is to shine once more in Malaysia.

No resting on laurels

Sometimes, a succession of killer products can propel a brand to the top of the charts, but staying there is another matter altogether. In...

Kop Khun Krap, Dr M

In 1983, my mother bought a brand new Toyota Corolla for the princely sum of RM18,000. On a global scale, the price differentiation was between...

Volvo design: Pushing the right buttons?

Are we ready to say goodbye to buttons and knobs?

BMW Malaysia & PHEV: Fortune favours the bold?

Volvo to start phasing out ICE models in 2019, BMW is already halfway there in Malaysia.

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