Kop Khun Krap, Dr M

In 1983, my mother bought a brand new Toyota Corolla for the princely sum of RM18,000. On a global scale, the price differentiation was between...

No resting on laurels

Sometimes, a succession of killer products can propel a brand to the top of the charts, but staying there is another matter altogether. In...

The why and what of Countersteer

If you love driving, you’d remember the day when you earned your license. In my case, it wasn't a special day by any stretch of the imagination. I...

Defending the indefensible

Picked up a Volkswagen Passat for test a few weeks ago. Not the new B8, but the still-on-sale B7. Mostly, I was curious to...

Volvo design: Pushing the right buttons?

Are we ready to say goodbye to buttons and knobs?

Securing your child’s life

Woke up this morning and came across the news of another fatal road accident involving a baby, the tragic end seemingly not unlike the much publicised case...

Why Mercedes-Benz has got your back

“At the end of the day, every electric car is only as sustainable as the electric it uses.”

Porsche’s fixation with Nurburgring knows no bounds

The one thing that you didn’t need to know about the new 718 Boxster.

GE14: Between a rock and a hard place

Choosing to start a 'new Proton' shouldn't be an option on the ballot.

Honda Malaysia reboots the hybrid

Are you ready to choose a hybrid based on merits, or stick with the trusty petrol-powered one?

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