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After witnessing Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and now Audi launch their all-electric models in quick succession, there is a familiar recurring theme emerging. They are all midsize-ish SUVs because people buy a lot of SUVs these days and the body-style is conducive for housing batteries packs on the floor. They all offer an electric range of between 400km to 500km per full charge with battery capacities ranging from 80kWh to 95kWh, they are dual-motor AWDs and accelerate rather quickly. Hooray.

There are of course elements which sets them apart; such as the e-tron's virtual side mirrors, but from what we've seen thus far, these models are more similiar in concept than they are apart. It doesn't really further the EV cause when Audi decides to wrap all the sexy tech of the e-tron (such as its highly efficient energy recuperation system) in a mundane-looking outer skin. It's not unattractive...just not drool-worthy.

The specs and numbers are pretty impressive though; output of up to 408hp and 664Nm, 95kWh battery capacity, 0-100km/h in 5.7s, limited top speed of 200km/h, range of over 400km on the stricter WLTP cycle, adaptive air suspension, drag coefficient of 0.27 (with optional virtual mirrors) and energy recuperation of up to 30%, conditions permitting. #Audi #etron
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For a model series that was first introduced some 20 years ago, the GLE (formerly M-Class) has only just embarked on its fourth iteration. Large and expensive premium SUVs don’t sell that many, so it comes as a relief of sorts (to its followers at least) that the all-new GLE still figure in the Mercedes-Benz line up, and for that it had to bring new things to the table.

Having resisted the temptation to add passenger capacity, the new GLE is now a seven-seater, finally. Nothing too revolutionary about having three rows of seats but for an SUV with 80mm added to its wheelbase, the new GLE manages to somehow look leaner and more compact than its predecessor, and that takes some designing. The GLE is in fact quite a departure bar the distinctive upright rear quarter greenhouse, though the jury is still out on the clean and near-creaseless sides of the new GLE. Having said that, one can’t argue with the segment-leading aero drag of only 0.29cd.

The reworked GLE cabin blends premium materials, practicality along with the futuristic-looking MBUX multi-screen interface. All-wheel drive is a given and the new E-Active hydro-pneumatic air suspension system can even articulate the travel of each wheel separately. Like the new CLS, the GLE 450 employs a 3.0-litre inline-six engine along with a 48v hybrid system, though a ‘long range’ plug-in hybrid with an electric range of up to 100km is rumoured to be in the works. #MercedesBenz #GLE
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Looks much better than the current model for sure.

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The title to the press release says that much about where the Mercedes-Benz brand is at these days, and though the all-new fully-electric EQC crossover isn't quite the technological tour de force amongst the growing number of premium EVs -- it shares a common base with the GLC and doesn't have the kind of headline-grabbing numbers of a Tesla, the EQC 400 is nevertheless nothing short of a turning point for the leading luxury brand in the world, possibly even the industry.

Here are its vital stats: 408hp/765Nm, 0-100km/h in 5.1 seconds, top speed of 180km/h (limited), battery capacity of 80kWh with range of over 450km (NEDC cycle) on a full charge, two motors and all-wheel drive. The EQC isn't the first ever Mercedes EV but it is the first of 10 fully-electric EQ models to be launched by 2025. Deliveries are scheduled to start in the second half of 2019, expect it to be priced within the USD$70,000 to USD$80,000 zone where the Tesla Model X and Jaguar i-Pace currently reside, soon to be joined by the Audi e-tron. #MercedesBenz #EQ #EQC
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The menacing-looking McLaren 600LT in 'Stealth Grey' was cobbled together by the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division for the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance and looks every bit the lovechild of Darth Vader and the B2 stealth bomber, but only more wicked. As with all MSO creations, the possibilities for customisation is near endless for the 600LT -- McLaren's most powerful Sports Series road car. How fast? 0-60mph (or 96km/h) in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 326km/h. Makes for a great company car for Carlos Sainz then. #McLaren600LT ... See MoreSee Less

While the company isn't officially 70 years old, Lotus has been making sports cars since 1948 when founder Colin Chapman put together the Austin 7-based Mark 1 in a small London garage. To celebrate this milestone, Lotus commissioned its own Gavan Kershaw (Head of Attributes) and Daniel Peck (Vehicle Dynamics Engineer) to paint the skidpan of its Hethel test track using just the Exige Cup 410 and Evora GT410 Sport models. Word is no CGI was used in the making of this video, but some tyres were sacrificed. #Lotus ... See MoreSee Less

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