Denis Wong


Mercedes-AMG Project One: F1 meets road car, finally

No matter how marketeers spin it, the reality is that a Formula 1 race car has little in relation to the cars you and...

Why Mercedes-Benz has got your back

“At the end of the day, every electric car is only as sustainable as the electric it uses.”

Infiniti Q60: Making diversity work

Oftentimes, it is not the merits of the product but what the emblem represents that matters. As a premium automaker that sold its first...

Defending the indefensible, Pt. 2

The last thing Volkswagen needs is another glowing review.

Hyundai Ioniq: When in doubt, double down

Remember 4th June 2008? If you owned or operated a vehicle during that time, chances are that you would’ve been queuing up at a...

Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Business as usual

It’s funny how technology never quite managed to replace the business card, yes, that little piece of art card paper with your name printed...

BMW Malaysia & PHEV: Fortune favours the bold?

Volvo to start phasing out ICE models in 2019, BMW is already halfway there in Malaysia.

Goodyear: The eagle has landed

Like it or not, large alloy wheels make cars look good, so thanks to the proliferation of ever larger wheels in new cars, upmarket...

Ford Mustang: No replacement for displacement?

Caveat: I only had three hours with the Ford Mustang, but at least I’m getting the ‘proper’ one with the 5.0-litre V8 motor under...

Honda Malaysia reboots the hybrid

Are you ready to choose a hybrid based on merits, or stick with the trusty petrol-powered one?

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